Trusted data excellence doesn’t happen overnight. It requires good planning, design and a strategy. FinsQ Tech has a team of expert Data Engineers and Data Scientists to help you build a robust, secure, and fault-tolerant architecture of your data warehouse. Our data engineers are highly experienced to construct unique architecture and conceptual data model for a variety of domains and segments.

How does it benefit us

The success of business depends on the effectively use of collective knowledge of the organization. But it is not so simple because it is not easy to understand and use this huge volume of data.

Data warehousing systems have emerged as one of the principal technological approaches to the development of newer, leaner, meaner and more profitable corporate organizations.

  • A Data Warehouse Delivers Enhanced Business Intelligence
  • Facilitates Export of Data for Different Stakeholders
  • Guide on Next Action and Helps in Forming Future Strategies
  • More Cost-Effective Decision-Making
  • Enhances Data Quality and Consistency
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Generates High ROI (Return on Investment)


A data warehouse is a key aspect of any business. It’s a place where all the data of an enterprise is stored from heterogeneous sources so all the analysis can be made on that data to derive key decisions or form any strategy.

A data warehouse works as a central store where information arrives from the integration of one or more data sources. Data flows into a data warehouse from the transactional system like CCTV camera and other relational databases like MySQL, Mongo DB etc.

Today, multinational companies and large organizations have operations in many places within their origin country and other parts of the world. Each place of operations may generate large volume of data. For example, insurance companies may have data from thousands of local and external branches large retail chains have data from hundreds or thousands of stores and so on. Corporate decision maker require access of information from all such sources.

Therefore, the success of business depends on the effectively use of collective knowledge of the organization

  • Saves Time: Since business users can quickly access critical data from a number of sources—all in one place—they can rapidly make informed decisions on key initiatives.

  • Cost-Effective: Data warehousing helps to reduce the overall cost of the product by reducing the number of channels.

  • Enhanced Data Quality & Consistency: A data warehouse implementation includes the conversion of data from numerous source systems into a common format. So you can have more confidence in the accuracy of your data. And accurate data is the basis for strong business decisions.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

By providing data from various sources, managers and executives will no longer need to make business decisions based on limited data or their gut. In addition, “data warehouses and related BI can be applied directly to business processes.”

Potential High ROI

Finally, the piece de resistance—return on investment. Companies that have implemented data warehouses and complementary BI systems have generated more revenue and saved more money than companies that haven’t invested in BI systems and data warehouses.

Competitive Advantage

The huge returns on investment for those companies that have successfully implemented a data warehouse is evidence of the enormous competitive advantage that accompanies this technology.